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Claimed he was a physicist hired by the Majestic 12 to reverse engineer alien propulsion technology at Area 51 back in At the time of his "disclosure" Element was still undiscovered, Bob Lazar claimed this Element had a stable isotope which was the key to alien antigravity technology.

After Lazar got to Los Alamos and set up his photo processing business, he managed to get a limited term, contract job with Kirk-Mayer. Kirk-Mayer was one of the smaller contractors supplying support staff to the Los Alamos lab, such as data entry personnel, machinists, fabricators and electronic technicians.

Lazar had some electronic technical education from Pierce College in Southern California and had some work experience with Fairchild, so he was hired as an electronic tech with Kirk-Mayer. I have interviews with several people who worked with him and he was described as a very clever troubleshooter and fix-it guy. To date, the only "proof" that has ever been provided is an interview which Jeremy Corbell Lockyer did with an engineering physicist from Los Alamos name Dr.

In the interview no facts are presented by Dr. Krangle to back up his assertion that Bob was employed or worked as a physicist at Los Alamos other than: Bob dressed like a total geek, complete with large glasses and a pocket protector and already showed an aptitude for playing the part of a physicist, including some basic knowledge of science, physics, and chemistry.

Bob seems to have made quite an impression on a lot of people while at Los Alamos with his jet car, and also seems to have used it to promote himself as a potential physicist with engineering capabilities. Lazar and his jet car established quite a presence in the small town of Los Alamos, and about a month after arriving, the Los Alamos Monitor newspaper did an article about him.

The story described him as a physicist at the lab, but that was in fact only what he told the reporter his position was. Some people who knew him at the time were quite surprised to see that claimed title. There are images and videos online of Lazar as a kid with a Gluhareff jet strapped to a bike, then a go-kart. Fun stuff! Magazines like Popular Science advertised plans for these jet engines for many years and they can still be found online with a little Googling.

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His claim it produced 1, pounds of thrust deliberately derated down to pounds seems unlikely. The largest and rarest engine designed by Gluhareff, the G produced only pounds of thrust, and was very large see page 4 of the PDF on Gluhareff jets I linked to above for a sense of scale of the much smaller G, which produced pounds of thrust.

The jet car photos in the Monitor article show an engine roughly the size of a G This is utter bullshit. Hell, the Concorde burned 1.

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To date, Bob Lazar can provide no clear proof or credentials to back up his education claims. He claims that the government destroyed all the records of his education. It later was discovered that Bob had been enrolled in courses at Pierce Junior College at the same time he was supposedly attending CalTech.

Inthe Los Angeles Times looked into his background and found there was no evidence to support those claims.

His educational and professional background cannot be verified -- a fact he attributes to government deletion of records. Trip to Los Angeles Times. Las Vegas Mercury. June 12, Retrieved England, Terry June 27, Los Alamos Monitor. Archived from the original on Sands, Shannon March 20, I wrote my thesis on MHD, which is magnetohydrodynamics. I worked at Los Alamos for a few years as a technician and then as a physicist in the Polarized Proton Section, dealing with the accelerator there.

I was hired at S-4 as a senior staff physicist to work on gravitational propulsion systems and whatnot associated with those crafts.Lazar alleges that this subsidiary installation is located several kilometres south of the United States Air Force facility popularly known as Area Lazar claims he examined an alien craft that ran on an antimatter reactor powered by elementwhich at the time had not yet been synthesized.

He also claims to have read US government briefing documents that described alien involvement in human affairs over the past 10, years. Lazar's claims resulted in bringing added public attention to Area 51 and fueling conspiracy theories surrounding its classified activities.

He admits that he has no evidence to support his core claim of alien technology. Lazar's story has since been analyzed and rejected by skeptics and ufologists alike.

Universities from which he claims to hold degrees show no record of him, and supposed former workplaces have disavowed him.

Inhe was convicted for his involvement in a prostitution ring and again in for selling illegal chemicals. Lazar has achieved notoriety as an Area 51 conspiracy theorist. Lazar said the S-4 facility was adjacent to Papoose Lakewhich is located south of the main Area 51 facility at Groom Lake.

He claimed the site consisted of concealed aircraft hangars built into a mountainside. Lazar said that his job was to help with the reverse engineering of one of nine flying saucerswhich he alleged were extraterrestrial in origin. He claims one of the flying saucers, the one he coined the "Sport Model", was manufactured out of a metallic substance similar in appearance and touch to stainless steel. In a subsequent interview that November, Lazar appeared unmasked and under his own name.

Lazar claimed that the propulsion of the studied vehicle was fueled by the chemical element with atomic numberor "E", which at the time was provisionally named ununpentium and had not yet been artificially created [1] [11] it was first synthesized in and later named moscovium.

In addition, Lazar claimed that during his joining the program, he read briefing documents describing the historical involvement of Earth for the past 10, years with extraterrestrial beings described as grey aliens from a planet orbiting the twin binary star system Zeta Reticuli. The Zeta Reticuli system was previously claimed by Barney and Betty Hill as the origin of aliens they allegedly encountered.

Lazar claims to have earned a master's degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MITand a master's degree in electronic technology from the California Institute of Technology Caltech ; however, there are no records of Lazar attending either MIT or Caltech.

bob lazar footage

ProtheroStanton T. Friedman and Timothy D. Callahan have found this to be implausible. According to Prothero, "He was employed not by the government but rather as a technician working for a private company that contracted work at Los Alamos. Lazar's story has drawn significant media attention, controversy, supporters, and detractors. Lazar admits that he has no evidence to support his core claim of alien technology. InLazar was arrested for aiding and abetting a prostitution ring.

bob lazar footage

This was reduced to felony panderingto which he pleaded guilty. InLazar and his wife Joy White were charged with violating the Federal Hazardous Substances Act for shipping restricted chemicals across state lines.

The charges stemmed from a raid on United Nuclear's business offices, where chemical sales records were examined. Lazar and long-time friend Gene Huff run Desert Blast, [27] an annual festival in the Nevada desert for pyrotechnics enthusiasts. The documentary was directed by Jeremy Corbell and produced by George Knapp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American businessman and UFO conspiracy theorist.

Coral GablesFloridaU. Main articles. Death and culture Parapsychology Scientific literacy. Prothero; Timothy D. Callahan 2 August Indiana University Press.

bob lazar footage

Rosen Publishing.About 30 years ago, Lazar told a reporter he was a physicist working at S-4, a government laboratory near Area That reporter was George Knapp of Channel 8. Knapp and his news director at the time Bob Stoldal decided to look into Lazar's story. What Knapp found became a series of reports that aired on Channel 8 over the years. But both Knapp and Stoldal push back on the idea that they took what Lazar told them and ran with it.

Knapp spent months investigating Lazar's background, trying to track down where he went to school and where he worked. For instance, he has claimed he went to MIT but Knapp checked with the school and it has no record of him. Knapp said everyone from the guard at the front gate to other scientists greeted him like they knew him.

Before he agreed to allow Knapp to follow the story, Stoldal met with Lazar to check his credibility. Stoldal said he was a skeptic at the time and remains a skeptic to this day about what Lazar said but he firmly believes it was and is information that the public needed and wanted to know.

We want to believe in intelligent life outside of this earth. For his part, Knapp is also skeptical, but he said there were and still are enough interesting things about Lazar's story and life to warrant an investigation. View the discussion thread. Privacy Policy.

‘Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers’: Where Is the UFO Test Flight Video?

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In 'Bob Lazar: Area 51' documentary, director investigates UFO whistle-blower's story

There, he had read documents indicating the existence of ongoing research on an "anti-gravity reactor" for use in propulsion systems. He was astonished, he said, but he was even more shocked to be shown nine flying discs "of extraterrestrial origin" stored in a hangar.

As part of the gravity-harnessing propulsion, the craft used an element,unknown on Earthbecause it is "impossible to synthesize an element that heavy here on Earth. The substance has to come from a place where super-heavy elements could have been produced naturally.

These reports are almost certainly genuine. Lazar's tales, on the other hand, are almost certainly bogus. Investigations raised serious questions about his reliability. His claims about his education and employment could not be verified, and his character proved to be questionable. In he was arrested for his involvement with the operation of a Nevada brothel. However, this element also called muscovium is not the same thing as the one Lazar claimed to have found.

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Lazar said his element could power alien spacecraft without worrying about gravity. So far, no use has been found for muscovium, which has a half-life of less than a second and thus decays very quickly. InMotherboard, Vice's tech channel, published a lengthy article about Lazar. It detailed that the FBI and Michigan State police had raided Lazar's "scientific supply" company inlooking for thallium sulfate, which can be used as a poison and featured in someone's mysterious death.

However, true believers think he was raided because they were looking for element Reporter Tim McMillan asked Lazar directly whether he had a piece of element How Area 51 Works. Communicating With Aliens Is Hard. Is the U. Related How Area 51 Works.Is 'Thread of Deceit' on Netflix? The arrival of the indie documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers on Netflix has kicked up a lot of interest in the alleged former Area 51 scientist.

The documentary, directed by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell, gets into all of that as well as the investigative reporting done in and the FBI raids that are apparently still plaguing Lazar today. Where is that footage?!

Is it the missing piece of this UFO puzzle?! S4, the branch of Area 51 that Lazar claims he worked for, monitored the personal lives of all of its personnel in order to keep them under control, and that involved a lot of phone tapping. Lazar left Area 51 and then went to investigative reporter George Knapp with his story not too much later.

Joe Rogan wants to know the answer to this one, too! Is S4 just staffed with wall-to-wall Barney Fifes? However, the footage does exist because this is not the first time Lazar has talked about this incident.

Check this out:.

bob lazar footage

Hearing that Lazar took it upon himself to create a bunch of eye witnesses to corroborate his story back in makes it believable, but then none of those people are featured in the doc or even called by name in the Rogan interview. But the hardest thing to believe is that a government agency so determined to maintain secrecy that they bug every phone in sight would then essentially turn a blind eye to one employee turning top secret flight tests into a party!

Area 51 BOMBSHELL: Could papers prove FBI raided property looking for stolen substance?

Email Sign Up. More On: ufos. Share Selection Facebook Twitter. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Close click to copy.Written by: EddieETB. InGeorge Knapp interviewed a man who went by the alias Dennis, claiming to be working on a secret project. Later, this man revealed himself to be Bob Lazar. Bob Lazar said he worked on advanced UFO technology and was tasked to back engineer the alien tech. I decided to make a video on this very interesting story and used real footage in the video.

The youtube video I made on Bob Lazar is a summary of what he claimed to be true. However, after many years some of the claims he made are not true. For example, element known as moscovium did not exist in the periodic table when he was interviewed in yet, he said this is what the alien craft used to make the anti-gravity mechanism work.

When George Knapp investigated some of his claims, he could not validate any of what he was saying. If you would like to know more about Bob Lazar, this documentary does a great job laying out all the details of his story.

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Unplugging The BOX. Twitter Instagram You Tube. Please follow and like us:.Image: The Orchard. This article is part of the Motherboard Guide to Cinemaa semi-regular column exploring foreign and obscure speculative films. As a teenager he built jet engines and attached them to his bicycle. As Lazar got older, his jet engines grew larger and were attached to his cars.

One time he built a particle accelerator in his bedroom so he could produce chemicals for his homemade hydrogen-powered corvette. He was arrested for abetting a prostitution ring the charge was later reduced to felony pandering and says he has been raided by the FBI twice.

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For years, he hosted an underground DIY fireworks festival. Oh yeah, he also claims to have worked on reverse engineering alien spacecraft at S-4, a military facility near Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

MIT, for instance, has no records of Lazar ever being there, and Los Alamos has denied that he was employed there although journalist George Knapp apparently found a Robert Lazar listed in an internal phone book for Los Alamos. Does that mean that Lazar actually worked on bonafide flying saucers? Ever since Lazar first came forward with a story about his time at S-4 working on extraterrestrial spacecraft inhe has grown more and more reluctant to speak about what he says he saw at Area These were broadcast around the globe and turned the top secret military base into a pilgrimage destination for UFO believers.

When Corbell met with Lazar in California, he made the case that he has no ulterior motives to lie about what he was working on in the mids. If anything, Lazar said, his decision to come forward with this information changed his life for the worse. Today, Lazar runs United Nucleara scientific supply company in Michigan, which he claims in the film was recently raided by the FBI under the pretense of trying to track the source of some toxic materials.

The police response for a relatively routine investigation was huge, Lazar claims. The entire office was filled with dozens of authorities from every conceivable branch of law enforcement, he says. This is something that UFO wonks have been doing on the internet for years, but Corbell manages to turn up some interesting information.

Inhowever, Russian scientists synthesized the element for the first time. Element is an incredibly radioactive substance and one of the heaviest elements ever discovered. To date, only four moscovium isotopes have been produced in a lab, each popping into existence for a few fractions a second. According to Lazar, however, the extraterrestrial craft he worked on used a stable version of element to warp gravity around the craft and propel it forward. Is Lazar telling the truth?

He says he told his story to the world 30 years ago and maintains that it is as true today as it was then. Dec 4pm. Bob Lazar has seen some shit during his time on Earth—or at least he says he has. Bob Lazar at home in Michigan. Lazar during a interview. Area Image: Google Maps.


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